Quality Prevails

Networker for over 30 years

For decades, we have been working intensively with seasonal, regional and exotic products. One of our core competencies is the sensitivity and intuition to find products at the right time and in the right place. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our large purchasing volume for your own purposes.

Our worldwide network of suppliers offers us the optimal conditions to identify and offer innovations and trends at an early stage.
By purchasing in good time, prices can be set early for special seasonal and event products.

Our in-house manufactory

We are characterized by a wide variety of products!

The Norderstedt location processes meat, sausage and smoked products manufactured according to traditional craftsmanship and innovations developed for the international market.
The particularly high quality of the products are guaranteed by two quality specialists directly on-site – through all stages of processing and refinement all the way to the customer.

  • Meat portioning
  • Refinement of products
  • Production according to individual recipes
  • Fish portioning and filleting
  • Fish smokehouse

• Highly professional production machines

The satisfaction of our customers is our goal.
With constant worldwide monitoring of the markets,
we only take the best and freshest products in our offer.

Use all the benefits with DELTA

The change in the demands on the catering industry, as well as the continuous growing staff shortages for in-house production and preparing individual dishes is an increasingly big challenge. Consequently, we have decided to find a solution to this constant controversy. With DELTA as your partner at your side, you will be able to make everyday life as pleasant as possible and optimize work steps in the future.

Freshness and Excellence

» Individual support
» High flexibility
» Consistent quality

» 24-Stunden-Auftragsservice
» Saisonale Angebote
» Professionelles Personal

» Produktvielfalt
» Außergewöhnliche Frische
» Stetige Weiterentwicklun

Our Service

  • Wide range of qualifications for individual care
  • A team of professional staff from a wide variety of gastronomic areas
  • High flexibility/ 24-hour assignment acceptance service
  • Seasonal offers
  • Low production costs
  • Low personnel effort from the order all the way to processing
  • Product variety in all variants: organic, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, kosher and halāl products
  • the company’s philosophy of continuous quality and exceptional freshness of the commodity

DELTA Roll Out

6 days a week are 65 trucks in operation to bring the goods particularly fresh and quickly to our customers – without interrupting the cold chain by modern 2-chamber refrigerated vehicles. This added value offers us the opportunity to provide you with meat, fresh fish, delicacies as well as frozen goods at the same time. We ensure on-time delivery of your goods by the desired date.